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JROCKET MARKETING GRAPE ESCAPE® 2014 was heralded a tremendous success by industry analysts attending the three-day Chicago event that featured two of the most revolutionary disruptive technology vendors on the scene today: Syspro and Apparancy. This year’s ‘gangster land style’ themed 3-day conference event was innovative, valuable in vendor content and infinitely memorable. JROCKET Marketing raises the bar for showcasing spot-on and razor-sharp vendor technologies to the analyst community.

Maria DeGiglio, Principal Analyst, Robert Frances Group

JRocket Marketing Grape Escape® 2014, as usual, provided the analyst community with critical insights into the strategic plans of leading vendors. The quality of the venue and content enabled us to optimize our learning experience while attending an enjoyable three-day program.

R. David Hofferberth, Founder & Managing Director,
Service Performance Insight

It was the best $45,000 we ever spent – it was worth a million.

Referring in 2013 to UNIT4’s very first investment in 2006 in JRocket Marketing’s Plan-IT® product. Since the initial strategic marketing repositioning, UNIT4 has been a JRocket Marketing Nitro® analyst relations customer.

John Scott, VP Sales for North America, UNIT4 Business Software

From the analyst perspective, JRocket Marketing provides a terrific service. We get great access to executives at multiple software companies in a very concentrated and focused event. Plus there's opportunity to socialize and build meaningful relationships with the executives, and not just a quick briefing or press conference.

Christine Dover, Research Director, Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce Research, IDC

The Grape Escape events provide analysts with extended intimate access to user and vendor executives where meaningful dialogs can occur…plus the evening entertainment, food, and wine make this a “don’t miss” happening.

Cal Braunstein, Chairman & CEO/Chief Research Officer, Robert Frances Group

Grape Escape 2012 was another successful event for JRocket Marketing! Judith always provides analysts great one on one interaction with company execs and does it in a fun and thought provoking setting. It's clear that Judith provides great value for her clients and as an analyst, I walk away from her events with a clear understanding of where her clients are today and where they're going. You can't ask for more than that.

Michael Fauscette, Group Vice President, Software Business Solutions, IDC

Judith is many things to her clients:
  • zealous in her advocacy for them
  • exceptionally knowledgeable of the software markets they inhabit
  • driven to deliver rapid, on-target branding
  • fun
We go back a long ways but in every software vendor setting I've encountered her in, she always puts the vendor on the map. Results often get a lot of lip-service in marketing but Judith delivers for her clients/employers. Ask virtually any analyst in the tech space - they know Judith and they definitely know the vendors she supports.

Brian Sommer, President, TechVentive

I like what Judith Rothrock does. She brings several analysts together for a day or two to listen to 3-4 vendors like Syspro. On their own, those vendors probably could not afford to do a full day briefing or longer.

Vinnie Mirchandani, "The portfolio analysis of industry events", Founder, Deal Architect Inc.

I have personally watched JRocket Marketing package, re-package and/or re-name technology solutions, services and companies into exciting brands that compel buyers to action and have the 'stickiness' or staying power that stand the test of time. Whether yours is a 30 year old company needing fresh marketing -- or a start-up that has only one chance to get it right -- I haven’t seen any other marketing company do it faster, better or more accurately than JRocket.

Cindy Jutras, Principal, Mint Jutras

I do not know anyone who fills a CMO shoes like you do.

Cal Braunstein, Chairman & CEO/Chief Research Officer, Robert Frances Group

Not many people have the same tenacity and passion that Judith brings to the table. This energy propels everything that she is involved in.

Harold Katz, Marketing Director, SYSPRO

Truth in advertising: Judith was one of the best PR people I ever met. In the 1990s, she was able to convince some pretty savvy people that then "little Hyperion" deserved to be mentioned in the same breath with the big ERP boys. A few years later, she pulled off the same play while quarterbacking Lawson’s marketing efforts. At it again, huh, Judith?

Dennis Byron, Researcher/Technical Writer, IT Business Edge

UNIT4's 10 years with JRocket Marketing strategic positioning yields mega growth, U.S. market launch and, ultimately, sale of the company for $1.6B.
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Judith Rothrock (front and center) Founder and President of JRocket Marketing exhibits the finalist trophy at the Creative Media Awards in New York City January 2015.
Judith Rothrock (front and center) Founder and President of JRocket Marketing exhibits the finalist trophy at the Creative Media Awards in New York City January 2015. Click here for press release.

JRocket Marketing's annual premier event for 24-30 enterprise IT analysts, held this year with a Gangster theme in Chicago for clients SYSPRO and Apparancy. Join us in 2015! Call 561-265-5772 to learn more.

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